A better patient experience  →

Since we only work with healthcare providers, we know how unique the patient–provider relationship is. We do our utmost to help patients enroll in programs and secure coverage.

Efficient reimbursement  →

By helping patients secure appropriate coverage, we help providers improve revenue integrity and reimbursement.

More cash flow →

From managing denials to billing and collection follow-through, our patient-centered approach improves operational efficiencies and in turn your cash flow.

Better workflow →

By streamlining your internal processes and transitioning from denial management to prevention, we help increase patient access and your efficiency.

Complete compliance →

We keep performance high and help you maintain compliance through our through documentation analysis and client education.

The Proof

Approved accounts with $25 million in charges and $1.4 million in payments Nevada Health System
Adreima is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by nThrive. nThrive is a growing industry leader that leverages technology, services, education and analytics to create complete Patient-to-Payment℠ capabilities that our clients need.

Please view our press release for additional information about this exciting acquisition.