Patient Advocacy Services

With the increasing prevalence of high deductible health plans and the corresponding increase in patient balances, patients are overwhelmed with the bills they receive, which negatively impacts patient satisfaction. In the world of changing reimbursement models, hospitals need to find new and innovative ways to collect patient payments, while ensuring that patients are satisfied with their overall hospital experience.

Through a combination of proprietary technology and one-on-one support, Patient Advocacy helps patients manage the financial and administrative aspects of their healthcare, beginning pre-admission and continuing throughout the revenue cycle. Each patient is assigned an advocate who reviews all of their medical bills and follows up on any billing issues or claim denials that arise. Patients are at ease knowing that an expert advocate will guide them through the entire process.

Patients using Patient Advocacy Services report 100% satisfaction and pay 29% more of their patient balances

Adreima’s Patient Advocacy Services have a measurable impact on the following metrics, which contribute directly to the bottom line:

  • Competitive Differentiation and Patient Loyalty – Patients using Patient Advocacy have an increased likelihood of recommending their hospital to others and are more likely to return for future needs; as a result your Net Promoter Score increases
  • Patient Payments – Once an advocate has explained the bills and EOBs and fixed any issues, patients are more likely to pay their bills
  • Insurance Reimbursement – By following up on denials and underpayments on the patient’s behalf, Patient Advocacy increases overall insurance reimbursement
  • HCAHPS and Medicare Reimbursement – Patient Advocacy improves the overall patient experience, thereby lifting HCAHPS scores and ensuring reimbursement from Medicare
  • Cost to Collect – Because advocates educate patients and solve problems proactively, hospitals experience lower call volume and produce fewer patient statements
  • Physician Relationships – The benefits of Patient Advocacy extend to all staff and affiliated physicians because the advocates explain all provider, physician, and lab bills to the patient
Adreima is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by nThrive. nThrive is a growing industry leader that leverages technology, services, education and analytics to create complete Patient-to-Payment℠ capabilities that our clients need.

Please view our press release for additional information about this exciting acquisition.